Masamichi Yabuki versus Toshimasa Ouchi breakdown

This is a solid fight between Yabuki and Ouchi over ten rounds for the Japanese Light Fly title. Yabuki is on a good run right now and with a few more wins could be looking at a title shot in the near future. Ouchi came out of a three year retirement last year and got two wins against lower level competition.

Yabuki has a lot of power with an aggressive style which has led to all of his wins being by knockout. He’s still in his prime while Ouchi is 35 and hasn’t faced anyone good since 2016. He’s been knocked out before and I think after spending so much time out the ring that he’ll likely get stopped early as he isn’t at Japanese title level anymore.

I think Yabuki will win by knockout due to his superior power and that he’s been much more active while being closer to his prime.


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