Jin Sasaki versus Aso Ishiwaki breakdown

This should be a fun eight round fight for however long it lasts. Sasaki is one of the best prospects coming out of Japan at the moment and currently holds a record of 9-0 with 8 knockouts. Aso Ishiwaki is 8-2-1 with 6 knockouts and is someone I see as an exciting domestic fighter.

Jin Sasaki throws a good amount of punches and clearly has good power. I think he’s hittable but people have to walk through a lot of punishment to get to him.

Aso Ishiwaki has power himself and isn’t afraid of getting into a war. I don’t think hes quite as skilled as Sasaki which will likely let him down in this fight. His defence isn’t great which versus a big puncher is a recipe for disaster.

I think Jin Sasaki will win by early knockout because I think his power will win in a shoot out and they have styles which makes me think they will exchange early.


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