Andy Hiraoka versus Jin Sasaki breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two young Japanese Super Lightweights. Both are big punchers and no matter the outcome of this bout will likely have good careers. Hiraoka is a bit more seasoned and technically a little better in my opinion but does give up the raw power advantage. Jin Sasaki doesn’t have muchContinue reading “Andy Hiraoka versus Jin Sasaki breakdown”

Jin Sasaki versus Aso Ishiwaki breakdown

This should be a fun eight round fight for however long it lasts. Sasaki is one of the best prospects coming out of Japan at the moment and currently holds a record of 9-0 with 8 knockouts. Aso Ishiwaki is 8-2-1 with 6 knockouts and is someone I see as an exciting domestic fighter. JinContinue reading “Jin Sasaki versus Aso Ishiwaki breakdown”

One to watch : Jin Sasaki

For a lot of boxing fans they don’t hear about rising Japanese fighters until they reach the level of a Naoya Inoue or a Kosei Tanaka which is a shame as Japan has a vast variety of exciting fighters to watch. I’m going to focus on one of their brightest prospects in my opinion andContinue reading “One to watch : Jin Sasaki”