Masayuki Ito versus Hironori Mishiro breakdown

This should be an excellent fight between two Japanese Super Featherweights who are competing at lightweight for this bout. Ito is a former world champion but hasn’t been very active since losing his belt to Jamel Herring. Mishiro is undefeated at 9-0-1 but hasn’t faced the same level of competition as Ito.

Masayuki Ito has decent power with a come forward brawling type of style. He doesn’t have a good defence and is there to be hit for any competent fighter. He throws a lot of punches which leaves him open to counters and he doesn’t deal with a jab that well. I didn’t think he looked great at the weigh in and is coming off an injury which required surgery so he may not be at his peak in this fight.

Hironori Mishiro isn’t as big as a puncher as Ito but is just as good technically if not a little better. He’s faced good competition in his ten fights so far which should have prepared him well for this fight. He’s the bigger fighter in this match up and for him its his world title fight while Ito has already been at the top level and may not have been able to get motivated for this fight. I thought he looked a lot better than Ito at the weigh in.

Hironori Mishiro

I think Hironori Mishiro will win a decision after ten rounds in what will be a very competitive fight as they are relatively evenly matched. I give the edge to Mishiro because he’s slightly bigger and looked much more prepared at the weigh in.


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