Ju Wu versus Xiao Tao Su breakdown

This should be a competitive ten round fight in China between two rising lightweight prospects. I think the winner of this fight will be the second best lightweight in China and arguably won’t be to far off the first position which is currently held by Yongqiang Yang who was building a lot of momentum before the global pandemic.

Ju Wu is 9-0-2 with zero knockouts which unfortunately speaks for how much power he has. He’s decent fundamentally though implementing a consistent jab would help him a lot. He mostly throws one or two punches at a time before getting out of range again. He’s not averse to throwing combinations but its certainly not his strong point. He has decent timing and seems to prefer counter punching which is clearly the thing hes best at. His defence isn’t horrible but neither is it good as he keeps his hands low a lot and will occasionally just look at his opponents as they wing punches at him.

Xiao Tao Su is 11-1 with six knockouts so clearly possesses the power advantage and from watching a few of his fights its noticeable that hes the bigger puncher of the two. He’s a stalking pressure fighter that doesn’t stop coming forward which can tire out opponents over time. His pressure is to an extent more mental than anything as he doesn’t throw a lot of punches as he comes forward and rather backs his opponents up until they go against the ropes and then unloads big hooks until they go down or move again. He’s the shorter man in this match up so may struggle to get on the inside and especially to stay on the inside. Due to him not setting his punches up hes open to counters when he does decide to punch. His defence is decent as he mostly holds a high guard and is defensively responsible, a skilled fighter may be able to open him up with uppercuts as he leans a bit to far forward in my opinion.

Xiao Tao Su

I think Ju Wu will be able to use his height and reach advantage to win a ten round decision after countering Su throughout the fight. While Su may have some success I think Wu has good enough footwork and timing to stop him getting on the inside very often. In this case Wu not being a big combination puncher is actually a good thing as it means hes not standing and trading as much so has less chance of being caught by the more powerful Su.


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