Pavel Silyagin versus Siarhei Khamitski breakdown

This is a better test for Silyagin than it looks on paper as while Khamitski has 19 losses he normally goes the distance and has beaten prospects hes faced in the past. Silyagin is a fighter who seems to be getting fast tracked to a world title shot in 15 or so fights.

Pavel Silyagin turned pro this year after a long amateur career which included international success and eleven fights in the world series of boxing. Silyagin has a real thudding jab which he throws to both the body and head. He has good fundamentals all round and appears to possess reasonable power. He doesn’t seem the most fluid fighter and could be called slightly robotic if you were to be critical.

Siarhei Khamitski used to be a decent fighter and has picked up a few solid results but now at the age of 46 hes not much more than a durable journeyman who can pass on a few old tricks to new professionals. I think his reactions, hand speed and feet have gotten slower and this isn’t a great sign when fighting a top prospect in his home country.

Siarhei Khamitski

I think Pavel Silyagin will be able to get a late stoppage due to being much closer to his prime and also having a good jab which won’t allow Khamitski to rest.


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