Hasanboy Dusmatov versus Pavel Gunchenko breakdown

Hasanboy Dusmatov was a great amateur and won gold at the 2016 Olympics games. Pavel Gunchenko was a decent amateur himself but didn’t have the international success that Dusmatov had. Both are currently 1-0 and are taking step ups quickly in their pro careers by partaking in this fight.

Hasanboy Dusmatov is one of the most skilled fighters at the lower weights and if he can replicate his success in the amateurs in the pro’s I have no doubt he can be a world champion in seven or eight fights. I don’t think hes much of a puncher but at the weight class hes fighting at you don’t need to be a massive puncher.

Pavel Gunchenko is also good fundamentally but isn’t on the level of Dusmatov in really any way. The only chance he really has is to score an early knockdown or make it a war over six rounds where Dusmatov’s superior skill won’t come into play.

I think Hasanboy Dusmatov will win this fight by decision after six rounds due to his superior skill set and amateur background. This is a bit of a risky fight over six rounds however as a knockdown could be hard to overcome.


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