Valery Oganisyan versus Dmitry Mikhaylenko breakdown

This is a good test for Oganisyan who is only 3-0 but is clearly being progressed fast. Mikhaylenko is a journeyman at this point though holds a record of 23-7 with all seven of those losses coming in his last nine fights.

Valery Oganisyan has decent fundamentals and good power. He hasn’t been tested enough to see how good his chin or stamina is but so far there are no signs that either are weak. He has the momentum behind him going into this fight as well.

Dmitry Mikhaylenko was at one point a rising prospect but in recent years has taken on the role of being the opponent and its rare that he pulls off the upset. He has been knocked out in his previous two fights which in my opinion shows hes starting to fall apart as his previous five losses were all by decision. He has no momentum going into this fight and its questionable how much motivation he has left for the sport considering hes 34 and has four losses in a row.

Dmitry Mikhaylenko

I think Valery Oganisyan will win a ten round decision due to his technical skills and power combined with being in his prime. I don’t believe he’ll stop Mikhaylenko because he isn’t very experienced and this is a big step up for him.


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