Vitaly Petryakov versus Volodymyr Hordiienko breakdown

This is a good step up for Petryakov who looks to be one of the better Welterweight prospects coming out of Russia. Hordiienko had a great fight last time out where he lost narrowly but still fought well and on another night could have taken the decision win.

Vitaly Petryakov has good fundamentals with an aggressive style. He seems to have reasonable power though it hasn’t been shown at a high level yet. I don’t think he’s really been in with anyone good enough to test his defence or stamina yet.

Volodymr Hordiienko is also decent fundamentally but isn’t as aggressive and fights with much more patience. He has good counters which dropped his previous opponent and could help him in this fight. I don’t think his defence is great and i’m sure Petryakov will have plenty of opportunities to hit him.

I think Petryakov will win a decision due to his aggressive style and having a power advantage. It should be a fun fight though.


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