Valery Oganisyan versus Eduard Troyanovsky breakdown

This is a good fight and step up for Oganisyan who is a prospect being fast tracked to the top. Eduard Troyanovsky is a former world champion but is past his prime at this point and I thought he arguably lost his last fight. I believe Oganisyan will win a decision after ten rounds dueContinue reading “Valery Oganisyan versus Eduard Troyanovsky breakdown”

Valery Oganisyan versus Dmitry Mikhaylenko breakdown

This is a good test for Oganisyan who is only 3-0 but is clearly being progressed fast. Mikhaylenko is a journeyman at this point though holds a record of 23-7 with all seven of those losses coming in his last nine fights. Valery Oganisyan has decent fundamentals and good power. He hasn’t been tested enoughContinue reading “Valery Oganisyan versus Dmitry Mikhaylenko breakdown”