Valery Oganisyan versus Eduard Troyanovsky breakdown

This is a good fight and step up for Oganisyan who is a prospect being fast tracked to the top. Eduard Troyanovsky is a former world champion but is past his prime at this point and I thought he arguably lost his last fight. I believe Oganisyan will win a decision after ten rounds dueContinue reading “Valery Oganisyan versus Eduard Troyanovsky breakdown”

Eduard Troyanovsky versus Renald Garrido breakdown

This is a good test to see how much Troyanovsky has left in the tank at the age of 40 and after a decently long career. Renald Garrido is a journeyman but he always comes to fight and is much better than his 25-27-3 record suggests. Eduard Troyanovsky is decent fundamentally but can’t really fightContinue reading “Eduard Troyanovsky versus Renald Garrido breakdown”