Eduard Troyanovsky versus Renald Garrido breakdown

This is a good test to see how much Troyanovsky has left in the tank at the age of 40 and after a decently long career. Renald Garrido is a journeyman but he always comes to fight and is much better than his 25-27-3 record suggests.

Eduard Troyanovsky is decent fundamentally but can’t really fight on the inside. Hes got a decent jab and good power though he hasn’t really showed his power recently. His footwork gets him in trouble as he takes unnecessary punches because hes in the wrong position after throwing a punch. He is 40 now and past his prime so at any point he could slip up and really is only one fight away from retirement.

Renald Garrido is a very tough man who swarms forward and is willing to take one to land one. His defence is decent though not great. He doesn’t have a lot of power but does wear people down through his never ending pressure. He throws a lot of punches and doesn’t really slow down.

Renald Garrido

I think Renald Garrido will win this fight in an upset because of his volume and Troyanovsky potentially being slightly on the slide. I think Troyanovsky will struggle to keep Garrido off him and will end up losing a decision.


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