Kenshiro Teraji versus Tetsuya Hisada breakdown

This is a good fight in the Light fly division between long reigning world champion Kenshiro and world class contender Hisada. Kenshiro has made seven defences of his world title and is in my opinion clearly the number one fighter in the division. Unfortunately due to out of the ring troubles and the corona virus he hasn’t fought since 2019. Hisada also hasn’t fought since 2019 where he lost a decision to Hiroto Kyoguchi for the WBA world title. He performed well in that fight though I think it was most likely his last roll at the dice at least at world level.

Kenshiro is technically better and can box well on the back foot. He’s willing to get into exchanges if needed and has good power for the weight class. Tetsuya Hisada isn’t as good technically and will most likely come forward for the majority of the fight.

Tetsuya Hisada

I think Kenshiro will successfully defend his belt for the eighth time by winning a decision after twelve rounds. I think he’ll out box Hisada on the back foot for the majority of the fight and lead him into big counter punches which may lead to him winning by knockout if Hisada has regressed in his time off.


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