Daigo Higa versus Ryosuke Nishida breakdown

This is a fight which your only likely to see in Japan as its Daigo Higa who is a former world champion and a big name versus an unknown but dangerous 3-0 prospect. In most countries Higa would simply say Nishida needs to do something big to get the right to fight him but in Japan these match ups happen often.

Daigo Higa is a massive puncher who has shown hes vulnerable in the past and isn’t hard to hit. He’s not bad technically but hes also not some masterful boxer who will box rings around his opponents. His style of fighting is much more destructive as shown by his record where all his 17 wins are by knockout.

Ryosuke Nishida is only 3-0 but took a big step up in his last fight and won convincingly. He’s good technically and he’s also big for the weight class so will come in with a sizable reach advantage. He hasn’t shown massive power yet especially compared to Higa though Higa himself isn’t as much of a puncher at Bantamweight as he was at lower weights.

Ryosuke Nishida

I think this fight will be more competitive than it looks on paper but I still expect Higa to use his experience to win. I think he’ll keep on coming and over time will break Nishida down probably to the body. I expect Daigo Higa to win by late stoppage due to his power and experience.


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