Daigo Higa versus Ryosuke Nishida breakdown

This is a fight which your only likely to see in Japan as its Daigo Higa who is a former world champion and a big name versus an unknown but dangerous 3-0 prospect. In most countries Higa would simply say Nishida needs to do something big to get the right to fight him but inContinue reading “Daigo Higa versus Ryosuke Nishida breakdown”

Daigo Higa versus Yuki Strong Kobayashi breakdown

This is the third fight for Higa since he returned to boxing earlier this year. In his most recent fight he was held to a draw in a fight which could have gone either way. I don’t think hes the same fighter at Bantamweight as he was at Flyweight however it also could be downContinue reading “Daigo Higa versus Yuki Strong Kobayashi breakdown”