Daigo Higa versus Yuki Strong Kobayashi breakdown

This is the third fight for Higa since he returned to boxing earlier this year. In his most recent fight he was held to a draw in a fight which could have gone either way. I don’t think hes the same fighter at Bantamweight as he was at Flyweight however it also could be down to his opponent being a good fighter who held amateur wins over Higa.

Yuki Strong Kobayashi is on a good run at the moment but in my opinion is stylistically perfect for Higa. He’s not that hard to hit and has been down numerous times in his career so a massive puncher like Higa shouldn’t have much trouble getting to him. He is tough and will keep getting up but I think Higa’s power and finishing skills will be to much for Kobayashi.

I think Daigo Higa will win by knockout in the 7th or 8th round due to having more power and also being fully adjusted to being a bantamweight now.


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