Kosei Tanaka versus Kazuto Ioka breakdown

This should be one of the best fights of the year and one i’m personally really looking forward too. Kosei Tanaka is looking to become the fastest four weight world champion in history while Ioka is trying to defend his title he recently earned.

Kazuto Ioka is very good technically and has a nice jab. I think he has a very underrated body attack and does everything to a good level. He’s not some defensive wizard but hes capable enough to not get hit overly much. He’s not the biggest puncher in the world but he does possess good power though rarely knocks out opponents who are truly world class.

Kazuto Ioka

Kosei Tanaka is also good technically and has great punch selection. He’s a much more aggressive fighter than Ioka is and won’t stop walking him down over the twelve rounds. I think he’s also a very good body puncher and has shown himself to have reasonable power which has helped get him out of a tough spot or two. I didn’t think he looked great in his last few fights at Flyweight but judging from the weigh in he should be refreshed at Super Flyweight.

I think this is a very close and competitive fight but i’m going to predict a Tanaka decision due to his relentless come forward style combined with me thinking he will be more explosive now that hes moved up. Both have put in not great performances recently but I think that Tanaka should be the more fresh of the two.


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