Denzel Bentley versus Felix Cash breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two unbeaten British middleweights who are both talented and on the rise. Denzel Bentley is 14-0-1 with 12 knockouts while Felix Cash is 13-0 with 9 knockouts.

Denzel Bentley showed in his last two fights that he can box and counter off the back foot well which was a different style to his come forward all action style he did against lesser competition. I also think he clearly has improved in his last two fights and will be improved again for this fight. He has a lot of power and has learn’t to set it up now so it’s more effective. I think he’s shown an effective jab and that he can also take a punch.

Felix Cash is a come forward fighter that takes risks to get his own punches off. He’s a fairly big puncher and works to the body well. He’s got decent boxing skills but favors coming forward and trading from what I’ve seen. I think this is more because he wants the stoppages than him not being able to box from the outside. I don’t think his defence is great and he’s there to be hit which isn’t great versus a big puncher like Bentley.

Felix Cash

I’m going to pick Denzel Bentley the under dog to win this fight by stoppage. I think he’ll catch Felix Cash coming in and hurt him badly before finishing the fight. I expect it to last for at least five or six rounds but I expect Bentley to catch Cash in the ninth or tenth round and win by knockout.


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