Denzel Bentley versus Felix Cash breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two unbeaten British middleweights who are both talented and on the rise. Denzel Bentley is 14-0-1 with 12 knockouts while Felix Cash is 13-0 with 9 knockouts. Denzel Bentley showed in his last two fights that he can box and counter off the back foot well which was aContinue reading “Denzel Bentley versus Felix Cash breakdown”

Mark Heffron versus Denzel Bentley 2 breakdown

This should be a really good fight and the first one was a decent fight though didn’t quite live up to the hype it had behind it. Both are currently domestic level but a win here will progress them onto bigger fights and potentially being consistent headliners on BT Sport. I think this fight willContinue reading “Mark Heffron versus Denzel Bentley 2 breakdown”

Mark Heffron versus Denzel Bentley breakdown

This is a really interesting 50/50 match up between two of Britains best up and coming middleweights. This is the first big test for Bentley while Heffron has beat a few decent names and most notably lost to Liam Williams. Both have a lot of power though I think Bentley probably has a bit moreContinue reading “Mark Heffron versus Denzel Bentley breakdown”