Mark Heffron versus Denzel Bentley breakdown

This is a really interesting 50/50 match up between two of Britains best up and coming middleweights. This is the first big test for Bentley while Heffron has beat a few decent names and most notably lost to Liam Williams.

Both have a lot of power though I think Bentley probably has a bit more due to how much he puts into every shot. Heffron was a bit hesitant after he felt Williams power but I presume he’ll have learn’t from that and Bentley doesn’t hit as hard anyway. I think Heffron is technically a bit better and paces himself more. I think Bentley uses a lot of energy early on and can swing pretty wildly with his awkward style which I think will mean he’ll slow down late in the fight.

Mark Heffron

I predict Mark Heffron is going to win by late stoppage after weathering an early storm from Bentley. After 6 or 7 rounds he’ll start to take over as Bentley starts to get tired due to loading up on punches. Both have a lot of power so if they clip each other early and one gets stopped it wouldn’t surprise me.

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