Callum Johnson versus Emil Markic breakdown

This is Callum Johnson’s comeback fight and while the opponent Emil Markic has a good record of 32-2 I don’t think this fight will be all that competitive.

Callum Johnson is a massive puncher that throws a lot of punches and sets a relentless pace. He’s been inactive but has been training and seems to be in good shape so that shouldn’t be a big problem in my opinion.

Emil Markic is 38 and hasn’t fought anyone of note since he got knocked out in four rounds by Umar Salamov in 2017. He’s not great defensively and I think at this point doesn’t have that solid of a chin.

Emil Markic

I expect Callum Johnson to win by knockout because hes a big puncher versus an older guy who doesn’t have much punch resistance in my opinion. Hopefully we see Callum Johnson active now and in big fights as hes a good fighter.

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