Chayaphon Moonsri versus Panya Pradabsri breakdown

This is a really good fight between two top minimum weights from Thailand. Moonsri is the longest reigning champion in boxing and has so far recorded 12 defences of his WBC minimum weight world title since 2014. Panya Pradabsri has fought his way to a record of 34-1 though hasn’t fought many notable names. HesContinue reading “Chayaphon Moonsri versus Panya Pradabsri breakdown”

Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.

In modern day boxing moving up multiple weight classes is very common for boxers. While this leads to nice sounding achievements such as becoming a four or five weight champion it does lead to boxers resume in a singular division being weaker than previous generations. I’ve gone through the champions in boxing today and pickedContinue reading “Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.”