Chayaphon Moonsri versus Panya Pradabsri breakdown

This is a really good fight between two top minimum weights from Thailand. Moonsri is the longest reigning champion in boxing and has so far recorded 12 defences of his WBC minimum weight world title since 2014. Panya Pradabsri has fought his way to a record of 34-1 though hasn’t fought many notable names. Hes clearly a good fighter though and his only loss is a questionable decision in China where he was the clear B-side.

Chayaphon Moonsri is a good technical boxer who punches decently hard for the division hes in. He normally ends his combinations with a short hook which seems to catch his opponents just as they open up to throw their own punches. He has a good work rate and once he gets flowing he really puts his punches together and drives his opponents back. Hes got a good chin and is very tough. I recently rewatched his last fight and considering he was 34 at the time I didn’t think he looked particularly aged or slow. He did briefly retire earlier this year citing health problems but has since come back to the sport and stated that everything is fine. Whether hes coming back because he wants too or because hes effectively being forced too is unknown.

Panya Pradabsri isn’t bad technically himself though lacks the nuances that Moonsri has. He works a lot to the body and will often double up his hooks to the body. His defence is serviceable though he certainly won’t be hard to hit especially for someone with Moonsri’s guile and timing. He seems to possess good power though most of his stoppages have been because of his pressure which I would describe as patient pressure. I describe it that way because as he walks forward and jabs he looks completely calm and never rushes his punches or his feet. I don’t think he has fast hands for a minimum weight and this is something I expect Moonsri to exploit if he isn’t well past his best or still effected by injuries.

Panya Pradabsri

I think Chayaphon Moonsri will likely still have enough left to outpoint Pradabsri. I think hes a bit more skilled and while Pradabsri will bring good pressure I think Moonsri is experienced enough to deal with it even at the age of 35.


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