Viktor Vykhryst versus Kamil Sokolowski breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Vykhryst who has looked good so far in his career by winning all four of his fights by knockout. Sokolowski is one of the better journeymen in the heavyweight division and atleast domestically in the UK causes a lot of upsets. His record is deceiving as he really should have won half the fights hes lost but bad judging has robbed him of many a victory.

Viktor Vykhryst had a long and successful amateur career before deciding to turn pro earlier this year. Everything he does is fundamentally right which can make him look a little stiff when he fights. He has a good jab and one-two though doesn’t throw many punches outside of those. He’s very much a fighter who will pick his opponents off at range and is comfortable doing that for however long the fight takes. I don’t think he is a good inside fighter and he hasn’t shown he can up the pressure to stop tough opponents yet. I don’t think any of this will matter until he gets to a high level and even then with it being the heavyweight division he may get away with it.

Kamil Sokolowski is a good fighter with underrated skills though isn’t as technically good as Vykhryst. He’s knocked multiple people out with his overhand right and he’ll come forward and really test prospects. Hes also one of the toughest fighters in the heavyweight division and has only been stopped three times out of 31 fights where hes fought a very good level of competition.

Kamil Sokolowski

I think Viktor Vykhryst will use his technical skills to keep Sokolowski at range for six rounds and win a decision. I’d be surprised if he knocked Sokolowski out though Vykhryst does have one punch power. I am rooting for Sokolowski as I admire that he fights anyone and more often than not deserves to come away the winner though he rarely gets the decision.


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