Viktor Vykhryst versus Wilmer Vasquez breakdown

This isn’t a bad fight for Vykhryst as hes only 5-0 while his opponent Vasquez is 11-0-2. Vykhryst was a very good amateur who has only recently turned pro and has looked good so far. He’s got power, technical skills and is clearly in his prime. Interestingly Vasquez competed in the 2004 Olympics and hasContinue reading “Viktor Vykhryst versus Wilmer Vasquez breakdown”

Viktor Vykhryst versus Kamil Sokolowski breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Vykhryst who has looked good so far in his career by winning all four of his fights by knockout. Sokolowski is one of the better journeymen in the heavyweight division and atleast domestically in the UK causes a lot of upsets. His record is deceiving as heContinue reading “Viktor Vykhryst versus Kamil Sokolowski breakdown”

Ali Eren Demirezen, Viktor Vykhryst and Andriy Rudenko pick up wins in Ukraine.

All 3 heavyweights picked up wins today to help progress their careers. None of them were massive victorys which will get international attention but they were solid. Ali Eren Demirezen won a decision versus Kamil Sokolowski but didn’t look amazing in doing so. He came in close to his career heaviest so I imagine heContinue reading “Ali Eren Demirezen, Viktor Vykhryst and Andriy Rudenko pick up wins in Ukraine.”