Ali Eren Demirezen, Viktor Vykhryst and Andriy Rudenko pick up wins in Ukraine.

All 3 heavyweights picked up wins today to help progress their careers. None of them were massive victorys which will get international attention but they were solid.

Ali Eren Demirezen won a decision versus Kamil Sokolowski but didn’t look amazing in doing so. He came in close to his career heaviest so I imagine he wasn’t hugely motivated for this fight and it was just about getting ring rust off before getting into bigger fights. Sokolowski is a decent fighter and may be the best win on Demirezen’s record so far.

Viktor Vykhryst

Viktor Vykhryst faced a bit of a step up in Gabriel Enguema but passed the test well. After an opening two rounds in which he dominated he knocked Enguema out cold in the 3rd round with a perfect 1-2. He clearly has good power and skills which means hes one to watch in the heavyweight division. Like a lot of heavyweights he relies on his 1-2 too much in my opinion and very rarely throws other punches though.

Andriy Rudenko

Andriy Rudenko picked up a 10 round decision victory over Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko in what was an entertaining fight. While Rudenko mostly dominated the action Chenko did come back at times and certainly came to win. Rudenko isn’t a big heavyweight and at 37 is coming to the end of his career. I don’t know if this was a retirement bout so that he could go out on a win or whether he wants to continue and fight bigger names. If he does want to continue I think a fight with Ali Eren Demirezen would be a good crossroads fight and also a good test for Demirezen. A win for Demirezen would put him back in the mix at European level and potentially get him a crack at the European title after the Dubois/Joyce winner vacates.


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