Viktor Vykhryst versus Wilmer Vasquez breakdown

This isn’t a bad fight for Vykhryst as hes only 5-0 while his opponent Vasquez is 11-0-2. Vykhryst was a very good amateur who has only recently turned pro and has looked good so far. He’s got power, technical skills and is clearly in his prime. Interestingly Vasquez competed in the 2004 Olympics and has been pro since 2006. He’s never really made much progression and at this point of his career is inactive and judging by the weigh in a bit out of shape. I don’t think hes in his prime anymore either.

Wilmer Vasquez

I think Viktor Vykhryst will handle this step up fairly comfortably and win by knockout due to his technical 1-2 punching and power which he has shown in every fight so far.


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