Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.

In modern day boxing moving up multiple weight classes is very common for boxers. While this leads to nice sounding achievements such as becoming a four or five weight champion it does lead to boxers resume in a singular division being weaker than previous generations. I’ve gone through the champions in boxing today and pickedContinue reading “Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.”

Yuniel Dorticos versus Mairis Briedis breakdown

This is a great fight between the two best guys in the Cruiserweight division right now. I’m going to go with my gut on this one and pick Dorticos because I think Briedis is on the slide a bit and hasn’t looked good recently. He could potentially win a decision but I see Dorticos catchingContinue reading “Yuniel Dorticos versus Mairis Briedis breakdown”