Anthony Joshua versus Oleksandr Usyk breakdown

This is an amazing fight and one i’m really looking forward too. Joshua has shown to be a very good heavyweight while Usyk was the undisputed Cruiserweight world champion a few years ago. Without going into to much detail I think Joshua wins a decision after twelve rounds due to landing the more explosive andContinue reading “Anthony Joshua versus Oleksandr Usyk breakdown”

Oleksandr Usyk versus Dereck Chisora breakdown

This is a good first real test for Usyk but one I expect him to pass fairly comfortably. Dereck Chisora is a gatekeeper at heavyweight and has shown on the right nights he can pull off big upsets or put on good performances. I think Oleksandr Usyks footwork and boxing skills will be too muchContinue reading “Oleksandr Usyk versus Dereck Chisora breakdown”

My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)

This is the first time I’ve created a P4P list but after this i’ll update it every month or so. In the future I may make an extended P4P list up to 20 but for now its just going to be limited to the standard 10 fighters. 1.) Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2) : Canelo isContinue reading “My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)”

Active fighters that will be in the Hall of Fame when they retire.

I think this is an interesting topic as it helps us appreciate the modern greats who are still active now and as a boxing fan its a fun topic to discuss. I think a lot of people in the boxing media like to downplay how good active boxers are and perhaps look with rose tintedContinue reading “Active fighters that will be in the Hall of Fame when they retire.”