Julio Cesar Martinez versus Moises Calleros breakdown

This is a decent fight considering Calleros is a late replacement after the original opponent Maximino Flores tested positive for the Corona Virus.

Julio Cesar Martinez is a gifted explosive fighter who is very aggressive. He pushes his opponents back with bursts of offence and then takes their punches back on his gloves. He certainly has defensive flaws and a great boxer/mover may be able to take advantage of his footwork but Calleros isn’t any of them.

Moises Calleros is a decent boxer-puncher but doesn’t have the power or explosiveness that Martinez does. He has a limited defence and especially struggles with people that use angles such as Ryuya Yamanaka who stopped him in eight rounds. He has a decent chin at minimum weight but with him jumping up two weight classes i’m not sure he’ll deal with Martinez’s power. He also doesn’t keep his hands up to catch combinations which will be a be a detriment to him in a fight with Martinez who is an extremely good combination puncher.

Moises Calleros

I think Julio Cesar Martinez will win this fight by knockout within the first six rounds due to his superior power and combination punching.


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