Leigh Wood versus Michael Conlan breakdown

This is an evenly matched fight between two featherweights who are effectively competing for who is the third or 4th best featherweight in the world. Leigh Wood fought at below European level for the vast majority of his career but put on a great performance in his last fight to dethrone Can Xu of his WBA world title. Michael Conlan has been a decent name in the pro’s after he made headlines in the amateurs due to losing a highly controversial decision in the 2016 Olympics games. After the loss he stuck his middle fingers up and said boxing is dirty and that was enough to earn him a contract with Top Rank who have moved him fairly conservatively so far.

Leigh Wood isn’t as technically good as Conlan but has respectable power and can fight to a gameplan if needed. I do think Can Xu looked slow and rusty so while it was still a good performance I don’t think it suddenly means Leigh Wood has transformed into the best fighter in the division. Conlan has taken a while to adapt to the pro’s but I think in his more recent fights hes looked better and better.

I think stylistically Conlan can make Leigh Wood look very basic as after Conlan makes Wood miss and pay then Wood will hesitate to let his hands go. Leigh Wood also never really adjusted in his last fight and he’ll have to do that in this fight to win.

Michael Conlan

I think Michael Conlan should be able to box his way to a victory by decision after twelve rounds. Wood will have his moments but its hard too see him out-boxing Conlan or making the adjustments needed to break Conlan down and stop him late in the fight. An early knockout for Wood isn’t out of the question but it’s an unlikely option.


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