Leigh Wood versus Michael Conlan breakdown

This is an evenly matched fight between two featherweights who are effectively competing for who is the third or 4th best featherweight in the world. Leigh Wood fought at below European level for the vast majority of his career but put on a great performance in his last fight to dethrone Can Xu of hisContinue reading “Leigh Wood versus Michael Conlan breakdown”

Can Xu versus Leigh Wood breakdown

This is a decent fight due to Can Xu not having fought since 2019 and Leigh Wood having a style which could cause Xu problems. Can Xu won the WBA world (regular) title in early 2019 and made two defences in the same year. He hasn’t fought since then due to Covid and Josh WarringtonContinue reading “Can Xu versus Leigh Wood breakdown”

Leigh Wood versus Reece Mould breakdown

This is a good fight for the British Featherweight title between two top British featherweights. Leigh Wood is coming off a loss to James Dickens but showed a lot of heart in that fight and performed fine in a fringe world level fight. Reece Mould has fought no one of note yet and this isContinue reading “Leigh Wood versus Reece Mould breakdown”