Leigh Wood versus Reece Mould breakdown

This is a good fight for the British Featherweight title between two top British featherweights. Leigh Wood is coming off a loss to James Dickens but showed a lot of heart in that fight and performed fine in a fringe world level fight. Reece Mould has fought no one of note yet and this is a major step up for him compared to the journeymen hes been facing.

Leigh Wood is a fairly big featherweight who punches hard for the weight class. He’s got some decent technical skills though throws a lot of lead left hooks considering hes an orthodox fighter. His defence can be shaky at times though he has shown massive amounts of heart and grit especially in his last fight where most fighters would have been stopped. I think he has a huge will to win and a good domestic level skill set that could potentially get him a European title at some point. He’s recently moved trainers and has apparently improved already but we’ll see for sure in this fight.

Reece Mould has only faced journeymen so far in his career and has looked fine fighting them. It’s sometimes hard to judge a fighter when their opposition isn’t very good so take everything I write with a pinch of salt. He throws his punches correctly with a good amount of power behind them. He has a solid defence and keeps his gloves up the majority of the time. I do think he could set his punches up a little better and he’ll find it harder to land on people as he goes up the levels. I don’t think he has as much power as Wood though its hard to tell against tough journeymen. I think his biggest problem right now is his lack of experience fighting top level domestic guys which Wood has in spades.

Reece Mould

I think Leigh Wood will win by decision or late stoppage due to having a lot more experience and more power. Wood has gone ten rounds three times while Mould has never been past six rounds.


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