Jared Anderson versus Kingsley Ibeh breakdown

This is a solid step up for Anderson who is seen as one of the top heavyweight prospects currently. Kingsley Ibeh is currently one of my favorite fighters due to him coming out of nowhere and beating good amateurs when hes only been boxing for a short amount of time.

Jared Anderson has a great jab which he uses to set his other punches up. He was a good amateur and has the great technical skills from that background. So far hes shown power especially to the body which he works to well. I like that he puts so much focus on jabbing and going to the body as most prospects don’t.

Kingsley Ibeh is very unorthodox due to not having boxed for very long. He’s got good power though and a really awkward style which top amateurs seem to struggle with. He’s also a big guy and can soak up punches though gets tired quite quickly. He has a lot of grit however and when he does get tired he just keeps going until the fight finishes. I think he has a good natural rhythm and powerful uppercuts.

Kingsley Ibeh

I think Jared Anderson will likely win a decision due to his jab and body work slowing Ibeh down quickly. It’s only six rounds so I expect Ibeh to make it through after making it competitive early, I’d love too see him win however.


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