Adam Lopez versus Jason Sanchez breakdown

This is a good fight for both guys as they have a lot to gain from beating each other. Adam Lopez has shot into the limelight recently by almost beating Oscar Valdez and then having a great fight versus Luis Coria. Jason Sanchez also fought Valdez but didn’t come close to winning, he lost his most recent fight when I thought he would win and perhaps I overestimated how good he is.

Adam Lopez is a solid fighter who is intelligent in the ring. He knows when to press forward and when its better to fight on the back foot. He has a good jab which he uses consistently. I think hes got good lateral movement and gets out of the way after he throws his combinations. I think his biggest flaw is sometimes losing concentration and perhaps being to willing to get into a war when it would suit him better to box and move. This getting into wars is what made his last fight close combined with not having massive amounts of power though he did drop Oscar Valdez with a good punch.

Jason Sanchez has a decent jab himself though I would personally say Lopez’s jab is quicker and he uses it a lot more. Sanchez has a good overhand right which he gets power behind though I think he may struggle to land it against Lopez if he decides to jab and box rather than get into a war. He seems relatively fluid with how he punches and does have some nice counter hooks which he hit Valdez with. He’s not hard to hit but has a solid chin which has held up to world class power though he was dropped by Valdez just like Lopez was.

Jason Sanchez

I think Adam Lopez will win a decision in a competitive fight due to having the better jab and movement. I think Sanchez will struggle to land his big punches which of course means it’ll be hard for him to win rounds. If they get into a war which both have done in the past then its a 50/50 fight which is effectively decided on a coin toss and who’s more motivated. The winner of this fight isn’t far off a title shot as Christopher Diaz who beat Sanchez in his last fight is getting a title shot versus Emmanuel Navarrete so the winner of this is only a few fights away.


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