Adam Lopez versus Isaac Dogboe breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two featherweight contenders where the winner may be in line for a title shot versus Emanuel Navarrete. Adam Lopez is the bigger man and is arguably the better technical boxer. He doesn’t have a huge amount of power though he did drop Oscar Valdez in their fight before beingContinue reading “Adam Lopez versus Isaac Dogboe breakdown”

Adam Lopez versus Jason Sanchez breakdown

This is a good fight for both guys as they have a lot to gain from beating each other. Adam Lopez has shot into the limelight recently by almost beating Oscar Valdez and then having a great fight versus Luis Coria. Jason Sanchez also fought Valdez but didn’t come close to winning, he lost hisContinue reading “Adam Lopez versus Jason Sanchez breakdown”

Adam Lopez versus Luis Coria breakdown

This should be a good competitive fight which is nice too see after the Tuesday card was full of complete mismatches. Lopez looks like he could be a good contender judging from the Valdez fight and this should be a good test too see where hes at. Adam Lopez is an intelligent fighter that canContinue reading “Adam Lopez versus Luis Coria breakdown”