Adam Lopez versus Luis Coria breakdown

This should be a good competitive fight which is nice too see after the Tuesday card was full of complete mismatches. Lopez looks like he could be a good contender judging from the Valdez fight and this should be a good test too see where hes at.

Adam Lopez is an intelligent fighter that can fight on both the back and front foot as shown in his fight with Oscar Valdez where he would sometimes push Valdez back after working out that he doesn’t fight very well when pushed on the back foot. Hes got a good jab which he throws often and with accuracy which isn’t something most fighters do. Hes got good lateral movement and after he throws his combinations he always moves out of range to avoid any counter. He sometimes seems to lose concentration and that or being tired is what I think lost him the Valdez fight though the stoppage was still early.

Luis Coria has a come forward style and seems very aggressive in the ring. He has a good jab though he does sometimes neglect to use it. He also has a powerful left hook which seems to be his favorite punch as he throws it hard and often. He does put a bit too much power on his hooks without setting them up sometimes and he won’t be an especially hard target for Lopez to hit.

I think Lopez should be able to win this fight because hes the more refined fighter while Coria still needs more experience as he loads up on shots and just doesn’t seem to be on Lopez’s level. Lopez has fought the much better competition and I think Coria will be there for Lopez to hit all fight and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got a stoppage. I will say that if Coria manages to connect clean with one of his left hooks he’ll probably put Lopez down as he seems to have a lot of power behind that punch.

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