Mariusz Wach beats Kevin Johnson by decision.

Earlier today Mariusz Wach and Kevin Johnson fought over 10 rounds in Poland for the Republic of Poland International Heavy title. Both fighters are 40 and true veterans of the sport so it wasn’t a complete mismatch.

The fight was better than most expected it to be as Kevin Johnson decided he’d try a bit instead of just taking shots along the ropes like he usually does. While Johnson had more success than usual Wach still did enough to win even after injuring his hand during the seventh round.

I’d like Kevin Johnson to retire or at least not fight anymore prospects or actual contenders as hes taken so many shots over the years and clearly isn’t the same fighter anymore. If he wants to keep boxing against other veterans like Wach then thats fine as the fights are relatively competitive and theres less chance of them getting hurt.

Wach shouldn’t fight the top guys of the division again as hes clearly washed up and while he looked good versus Whyte you have to take into account that Whyte didn’t train and had the whole UKAD situation meaning he wasn’t his usual self. If Wach is to fight again perhaps he can fight another polish heavyweight as a sort of passing of the guard fight.

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