Carlos Cuadras versus Jesse Rodriguez Franco breakdown

This is a great fight between a tested veteran and a prospect who is seen as the next big thing at the lower weights. Carlos Cuadras has been in huge fights against names such as Roman Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada. He’s probably on the decline at this stage of his career but he is the bigger man in this match up and Franco was scheduled to fight someone else only a few weeks ago. Jesse Rodriguez Franco is untested at world level but has taken apart well known gate keepers within a few rounds and has looked the part of a future world champion.

Jesse Rodriguez Franco

I think as long as Franco can deal with Cuadras’s power he should be able to out-box and pick him apart as Cuadras has slowed down a bit and Franco seems to be ready for world level in my opinion. I think this fight is a perfect example of a passing of the guard. I think Jesse Rodriguez Franco will win decision after twelve rounds though if he catches Cuadras early and stops him I wouldn’t be surprised


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