Joe Cordina versus Kenichi Ogawa breakdown

This is a good match up in the super featherweight division between newly crowned IBF world champion Ogawa and 2016 Olympian and rising contender Cordina. The fight will take place in Cardiff, Wales which is Cordina’s home town.

Kenichi Ogawa is a come forward fighter with respectable power and more skills than people give him credit for. He looked good in his win over Azinga Fuzile though at times during the fight the low output from him due to being wary of a counter led to the judges scoring against him in rounds he could have picked up with just a few more punches.

Joe Cordina is the technically better boxer of the two and will likely spend a large majority of this fight on the back foot however at some point will have to dig down and get Ogawa’s respect so he doesn’t just run him down.

Joe Cordina

I think the fight will be highly competitive throughout however Ogawa will come on strong late and either stop Cordina or knock him down enough times to win on the scorecards. This is a big jump in class for Cordina who while he looks like he has the skills to be world class tends to get hit a decent amount when he’s actually stepped up. I don’t think he can afford to trade with Ogawa.


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