Robeisy Ramirez versus Eric Donovan breakdown

This is a decent fight between two time gold medalist Ramirez and fringe European level Donovan. The latter’s career has been fairly unremarkable apart from his excellent performance versus Zelfa Barrett where up until he got caught he was out-boxing him with ease. It’s a shame we haven’t seen him back in a big fightContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Eric Donovan breakdown”

Eric Donovan versus Rafael Castillo

Eric Donovan who showed how good of a fighter he is during the Matchroom fight camp is having a stay busy bout in Belgium. Rafael Castillo is a journeyman and shouldn’t provide any threat to Donovan who has excellent technical skills. It’s likely that next year Donovan will fight on a few Matchroom cards asContinue reading “Eric Donovan versus Rafael Castillo”

Zelfa Barrett versus Eric Donovan breakdown

This is a nice fight for Zelfa Barrett as Donovan should test him but isn’t a natural super featherweight. Zelfa Barrett has good skills and I like how much he goes to the body. He’s not terrible defensively but hes also not great. Barrett has very quick hands and is also very good technically. He’sContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Eric Donovan breakdown”