Zelfa Barrett versus Eric Donovan breakdown

This is a nice fight for Zelfa Barrett as Donovan should test him but isn’t a natural super featherweight.

Zelfa Barrett has good skills and I like how much he goes to the body. He’s not terrible defensively but hes also not great. Barrett has very quick hands and is also very good technically. He’s the natural Super Featherweight while Eric Donovan is a natural featherweight who is coming to the end of his boxing career. I think Barrett has improved massively since his only loss and I see him getting to world level especially because hes trained by Pat Barrett who I think is one of the best trainers in the country.

Eric Donovan also has good skills but hasn’t been tested in the pro’s yet and while he had a stellar amateur career he hasn’t shown that same skill level in the pro’s yet. I don’t think he has as much power as Barrett and is a natural featherweight so will be dealing with a size and power disadvantage.

I think Zelfa Barrett will win due to being more proven in the pro’s and also having the size and power advantage. I think Eric Donovan can perform better at Featherweight but I still expect him to make this fight competitive.

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