Kieron Conway versus Navid Mansouri breakdown.

This should be a very competitive fight as neither are beyond domestic level and look to be very evenly matched.

Kieron Conway is a boxer who doesn’t have a lot of power and from what I’ve watched boxes best when he’s fighting off the back foot. I think the Ted Cheeseman fight flattered him as Cheeseman was just charging forwards and Conway easily picked him off for most of the rounds. I think he has a decent chin and can be good defensively however when he’s on the front foot he’s not hard to tag.

Navid Mansouri is a veteran who has decent skills but is a bit of a domestic gatekeeper. He doesn’t have much power either and has shown he can be out boxed. He has a decent chin but has been dropped before though I don’t think that will play into this fight.

I think Kieron Conway will just manage to win this fight though the scorecards may be a bit controversial. Conway is the house fighter so if it’s close I imagine he’ll get the decision as they’ll want him to be in big domestic fights with Cheeseman and Fowler etc.

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