Kieron Conway versus Souleymane Cissokho breakdown

This is a good fight between two rising fringe contenders in the super welterweight division. Kieron Conway over the last few years has come out of nowhere and made a name for himself domestically in the UK while Cissokho has slowly been building up after a good amateur career. I think Cissokho is better technicallyContinue reading “Kieron Conway versus Souleymane Cissokho breakdown”

Kieron Conway versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown

This is a solid enough fight but one where Conway’s technical skills should shine through. In recent fights hes been putting together his punches well and shown he has more power than his record suggests. McGowan is coming off what you can only call a beating from a top amateur from Kazakhstan where he didn’tContinue reading “Kieron Conway versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown”

Kieron Conway versus Navid Mansouri breakdown.

This should be a very competitive fight as neither are beyond domestic level and look to be very evenly matched. Kieron Conway is a boxer who doesn’t have a lot of power and from what I’ve watched boxes best when he’s fighting off the back foot. I think the Ted Cheeseman fight flattered him asContinue reading “Kieron Conway versus Navid Mansouri breakdown.”