Kieron Conway versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown

This is a solid enough fight but one where Conway’s technical skills should shine through. In recent fights hes been putting together his punches well and shown he has more power than his record suggests. McGowan is coming off what you can only call a beating from a top amateur from Kazakhstan where he didn’t win a second of the fight and shelled up to survive from the opening round. He’s very tough and doesn’t have an ounce of quit in him but coming in at short notice for this fight he may end up being a level or two below Conway.

Macaulay McGowan

I think Conway wins a decision or late stoppage due to his better technical skills and recent form which has shown him become a contender in the domestic super welterweight scene. Hopefully McGowan gets more opportunities whether he loses or wins as hes a character and entertaining which is what as a fan I want to see, after all boxing is about entertainment.


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