Kieron Conway versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown

This is a solid enough fight but one where Conway’s technical skills should shine through. In recent fights hes been putting together his punches well and shown he has more power than his record suggests. McGowan is coming off what you can only call a beating from a top amateur from Kazakhstan where he didn’tContinue reading “Kieron Conway versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown”

Tursynbay Kulakhmet versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Kulakhmet who looked like he could be a future world champion when he debuted earlier this year. McGowan is a domestic level operator in the UK who hasn’t shown a huge amount of power or got to British level yet. I don’t think McGowan does anything betterContinue reading “Tursynbay Kulakhmet versus Macaulay McGowan breakdown”