Zelfa Barrett versus Bruno Tarimo breakdown

This is a really good fight and should be a fun back and forth battle. Barrett is the bigger man who will likely try and box on the back foot and catch Tarimo with left hooks for at least part of the fight. Bruno Tarimo is like a buzzsaw, he won’t stop coming forward andContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Bruno Tarimo breakdown”

Zelfa Barrett versus Viorel Simion breakdown

This isn’t a good fight and is essentially a run out for Barrett who was supposed to be fighting in Mexico before the country got put on a red list. Barrett is in his prime as a super featherweight and has a record of 25-1. Viorel Simion is 39 and 22-6. Simion has lost fiveContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Viorel Simion breakdown”

Zelfa Barrett versus Kiko Martinez breakdown

This is an excellent crossroads fight between Barrett who is on the rise and Martinez who is coming to the end of his career though is looking for one final title shot. Zelfa Barrett is a decent technical boxer though was getting badly out boxed and beat to the punch in his last fight versusContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Kiko Martinez breakdown”

Zelfa Barrett versus Eric Donovan breakdown

This is a nice fight for Zelfa Barrett as Donovan should test him but isn’t a natural super featherweight. Zelfa Barrett has good skills and I like how much he goes to the body. He’s not terrible defensively but hes also not great. Barrett has very quick hands and is also very good technically. He’sContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Eric Donovan breakdown”