Zelfa Barrett versus Viorel Simion breakdown

This isn’t a good fight and is essentially a run out for Barrett who was supposed to be fighting in Mexico before the country got put on a red list. Barrett is in his prime as a super featherweight and has a record of 25-1. Viorel Simion is 39 and 22-6. Simion has lost fiveContinue reading “Zelfa Barrett versus Viorel Simion breakdown”

Samuel Molina versus Viorel Simion breakdown

Samuel Molina is 15-0 with seven knockouts and at only 22 could have a bright future in the lightweight division. Viorel Simion is 39 and shouldn’t be fighting at lightweight as hes very small for the weight. Simion is also well past his best and is simply being used for his name value at thisContinue reading “Samuel Molina versus Viorel Simion breakdown”

Denys Berinchyk versus Viorel Simion breakdown

This fight is in my opinion a bit of a tune up for Berinchyk because Viorel Simion is moving up a weight class and is very clearly past his best. Berinchyk is very good technically and whiles hes not a big puncher he should carry enough power to stop a sliding Simion who has beenContinue reading “Denys Berinchyk versus Viorel Simion breakdown”