Zelfa Barrett versus Bruno Tarimo breakdown

This is a really good fight and should be a fun back and forth battle. Barrett is the bigger man who will likely try and box on the back foot and catch Tarimo with left hooks for at least part of the fight. Bruno Tarimo is like a buzzsaw, he won’t stop coming forward and throwing huge amounts of punches. He’s very tough and Barrett will need to land some big punches to keep him off him.

I think stylistically this is a hard fight for Barrett as he doesn’t seem to deal well with pressure fighters as shown in the Ronnie Clark and Kiko Martinez fights. I also think he’s a fighter that is liable to getting upset sometime soon especially with him stepping up in levels recently.

Bruno Tarimo will push Barrett back and out-work him over twelve rounds to win a decision. Barrett has shown in the past he doesn’t deal with smaller pressure fighters that well. i thought he lost to Kiko Martinez and in the Eric Donovan fight he needed a KO to win which doesn’t inspire me to back him to win in a fight approaching world level. The fight is in Barrett’s home town so a robbery in his favour wouldn’t surprise me that much.


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