Jack Cullen versus Kevin Lele Sadjo breakdown

This should be an exciting fight as both fighters styles should gel well. Kevin Sadjo is a compact fighter who throws with power if not precision. He’s not a tall super middleweight but he does seem to possess some power and is also fairly strong. He likes to throw overhand rights but the thing you’ll see him do the most is throw six or seven punch combinations of left hooks and right hooks one after the other. This can leave him open when hes punching but no one has taken advantage of it yet as he’s normally close in so it’s hard for people to get their straight punches off.

Jack Cullen is a tall super middleweight who’s been improving fight after fight. He doubles up on his hooks and works to the body well. I was impressed in his last fight versus Avni Yildirim as he boxed to a gameplan on the outside and showed a solid jab along with some good boxing on the outside.

For Jack Cullen to win I think he’ll have to weather an early storm and then box on the outside like he did versus Avni Yildirim. A consistent jab will win him this fight as while Sadjo has some respectable upper body movement he seems to forget to do it once the punches start flying and so Cullen will be able to keep him at range. For Sadjo to win I think he needs to jump on Cullen early and not let him establish a rythm behind the jab. Sadjo should also go to the body to slow Cullen down though I don’t think he will as when watching footage of Sadjo he seemed to be a head hunter.

I think this fight could go either way but i’m picking Jack Cullen to win this fight on points due to the jab he showed in his last fight. Sadjo taking this on short notice also means he may not be completely fight fit which with his style and muscular build isn’t good especially versus a fighter with a lot of heart like Cullen who can dog it out in a war. Cullen won’t have had a long time to make a game plan and practise it but i’m sure his team will recognise that keeping Sadjo behind a jab and staying off the ropes are Cullen’s keys to victory. If Cullen can time Sadjo coming into range with uppercuts then he could even earn a stoppage as Cullen can get quite a bit of power behind his uppercuts and Sadjo’s chin can be a little high when he’s punching.


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